A picture of Milette working on a two tier cake.

Milette Raz

Milette started baking from home when she was 10. Her grandmother, Juliana Buhay-Ongkingco, taught and raised her in the art of baking. With her grandmother’s encouragement, Milette started creating her own recipes, which she submitted for competitions.

Milette won her first regional baking competition at age 14 and placed 2nd runner up in a national baking competition in the Philippines. Since then, she has won numerous baking competitions, even bagging a gold medal in one of the contests.

She was frequently requested as a judge in baking and wedding cake decorating competitions. She was featured in magazines and ABS-CBN television channel as one of the best cake decorators in Davao City, Philippines.

Milette got married at an early age to her loving and supportive husband Fred, who is also a gold medalist in wedding cake decorating competition. He won third place in the America Sweets and Baking Competition 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.

A picture of Fred working on a 3 tier cake.

A picture of Milette & Fred.

In 2001, the couple sold their bakeshop and cake decorating school of 10 years and migrated to the US.

While raising her growing family, she worked at Lutz Bakery in Chicago. She also worked at Alliance Bakery, also in Chicago, as a chief cake decorator for 8 years. Her co-cake decorators are now successful in their own rights. As her kids grew up, Milette was able to move to her bakeshop at the historic Downtown Plainfield.

Milette would like to acknowledge her mentors who shaped her craft:

  • Avelina Florendo, Manila, Philippines - Gum Paste Flowers, Cold Porcelain
  • Heny Sison, Manila, Philippines - Fondant Making From Scratch, Basic Fondant to the Advance Continental Lambeth Course
  • Colette Peters, USA - Advance Fondant Cake Decorating
  • Roland Winbeckler, USA - Buttercream Figure Piping and Airbrush
  • Nicholas Lodge, USA - Advance Gumpaste Flower Making

Left to Right: Fred Raz, Milette Raz, Laura, D

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